Successful Women Make Gutsy Moves

It’s the classic self-defeating story women make up in their minds.

It’s the voice that whispers: 'no way', when considering a gutsy move in business - whether working for ourselves or for someone else.

We've all tackled self-defeating thoughts when visualizing the desired pay raise sit-down with our boss, or the deal we want to cut for online advertising to reach the eyeballs we need to attract business.

Continuing the footprint series of successful career women, the number two footprint which smart ambitious women make when following their passions in business, is their quintessential triumph of slaying self–doubt.

As women, we will always have moments where we second guess ourselves, but which carry no weight. We will wonder if we are speaking too loudly in meetings, or if interjecting to state our point makes for a rude interruption.

Does anyone think I have anything valuable to bring to the table ?

This is the classic line which surfaces whenever the spotlight swivels on us of the fairer sex. While you can continue to fly under the radar successfully in your organization and still deliver your best work, all bets are off if you're heading for entrepreneurship one day. Flex your gutsy muscles now with colleagues (if nothing but for practice and kicks) to prepare you for breaking out on your own one day.

Several successful women entrepreneurs who've followed their dream in business admit that they haven’t eliminated the jitters when they need to speak out for their causes.

It’s the well recognized M.O. of driven-women in business - they leave no stone unturned and know exactly how they want things done. Their expert radar for addressing every task detail is another key driver to success.

When praising the values and accomplishments of others, we're the best walking billboards in town. When it come to self-promotion and soft selling our wares, however, we often slink away from self-imposed high fives. Have a gutsy move you are tossing around to advance yourself in business ? Forget the marketing pedigree you may be lacking - successful women don’t think, they just do and they do it with their gut.

Successful Women Want To Help Others Succeed

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image: © Mike Baird

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