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There are 54 hedge fund managers among the Richest 1,000 people in Britain in The Sunday Times Rich List 2012 published this weekend.

Alan Howard, who co-founded the Geneva-based hedge fund Brevan Howard in 2002, has trebled his personal wealth since 2009, to become one of the new billionaires in The Sunday Times Rich List 2012 to be published this Sunday.

Howard, 48, heads the league table of hedge fund managers in The Sunday Times Rich List 2012, the definitive annual guide to wealth in Britain and Ireland to be published in an extra 104-page magazine free with The Sunday Times this weekend.

The Brevan Howard hedge fund had a stellar 2011, generating fees of $1.5bn. The lion’s share will have gone to Howard. His personal fortune is now estimated to be £1.4bn by The Sunday Times Rich List, up from £975m in 2011. In the 2009 Rich List Howard was worth £375m.

Brevan Howard’s successful year has also added £130m to the personal fortune of Chris Rokos, 41, who joins the hedge fund top 20 at 17=, worth £230m. The highest riser in the hedge fund league is David Harding, 50, in 3rd place, worth £800m. Harding has almost doubled his personal fortune on the strength of soaring profits at Winton Capital.

A new entrant to this year’s Rich List is Chris Levett, worth £250m, who launched London-based Clive Capital in 2007. Clive Capital is the world’s biggest commodities hedge fund with $4bn under management.

The Sunday Times Rich List 2012
The 20 Richest Hedge Fund Millionaires

1. Alan Howard, Brevan Howard
2012 wealth £1,400m (2011 wealth £975m)

2. Robert Miller, Sail Advisors
£955m (£1,000m)

3. David Harding, Winton Capital
£800m (£410m)

4. Michael Platt, Bluecrest Capital
£650m (£525m)

5. Michael Hintze, CQS
£580m (£550m)

6. Crispin Odey and Nichola Pease, Odey Asset Management
£455m (£453m)

7. Sir John Beckwith, Rivercrest Capital
£350m (£350m)

8. Stephen Butt, Silchester Partners
£340m (£325m)

9=. Paul Marshall, Marshall Wace
£315m (£300m)

9=. Ian Wace, Marshall Wace
£315m (£300m)

11=. Steven Heinz, Lansdowne Partners
£270m (£270m)

11=. Sir Paul Ruddock, Lansdowne Partners
£270m (£270m)

13=. Andy Hall, Astenbeck Capital Management
£260m (£250m)

13=. Greg Coffey, GC Macro Fund
£260m (£252m)

15=. Martin Hughes, Toscafund
£250m (£226m)

15=. Chris Levett, Clive Capital
£250m (New)

17=. William Arah, Marathon Asset Management
£230m (£193m)

17=. Jeremy Hosking, Marathon Asset Management
£230m (£193m)

17=. Neil Ostrer, Marathon Asset Management
£230m (£193m)

17=. Chris Rokos, Brevan Howard
£230m (£130m)

17=. Hugh Sloane, Sloane Robinson
£230m (£220m)


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