Tough penalties are expected for those implicated in a new NFL investigation.

The majority owner of Arsenal football club is rarely seen at the Emirates.

He rarely speaks up either, earning him the nickname Silent Stan.

He will certainly be having words right now, after a whole world of trouble landed on his doorstep.

Kroenke also owns American Football team the St Louis Rams, who last year were the second most unsuccessful team in the NFL, winning just twice and losing 14 games.

The NFL announced over the weekend that they were investigating more than 20 players plus coach, who operated ‘an illegal bounty’ system.

This means defensive players were offered bonuses for injuring opposition players.

It would be like Arsene Wenger offering his defenders bonus cash if they could injure Wayne Rooney.

All the players implicated were playing for the New Orleans Saints, and being paid through a system set up by defensive coach Gregg Williams, who left the franchise last year.

Williams was hired by Kroenke’s Rams as their new defensive coach in January.

Now he is under investigation, he faces either a suspension for the whole season, while others have even mentioned a lifetime ban.

Either way, the NFL is expected to come down severely, but it is the Rams who will end up being punished the most, even though it is not their fault.

Kroenke thought he was acting shrewdly by hiring Williams early in January, now if he is suspended, it throws their off-season and plans into disarray, with the draft just weeks away.

They may attempt to fire Williams, but that too could turn into a protracted legal dispute.

It is a scandal most unwelcome for the Rams, and Kroenke will be thankful that Arsenal’s form has picked up, saving him a firefighting job on both sides of the Atlantic.

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