A Woman’s Modus Operandi - Can It Sabotage A Career ?

By guest columnist Marisa R. Santoro

Has it crossed your mind that you may be giving off negative vibes about yourself back at the office that could be preventing you furthering your career ?

Given the differences of how men and women are programmed, assumptions that you’re making at work and about how your behavior is perceived by men can play a major role determining how far you go. You may have even created a reputation that you’re not taking yourself seriously, so why would senior management do otherwise ?

Remember, women lead only 3% of the largest companies in the US and UK. Lack of sponsorship along the way is a major contributor – those women superstars just aren’t regaled enough high fives, propelling them into those C-suite spots.

But one factor that can change the career advancement game for women, however, is mastering gender dynamics in the workplace.

Consider these behavior scenarios that have been known to raise an eyebrow or two in the office (rightly or wrongly):

- Is it really appropriate for women to say ‘sorry' in business, or do they tend to over apologize ?

- If you don’t bring a male wingman, will you still land a male client ?

- Do colleagues question your commitment if you’re phoning home one too many times,  or tied to your smart phone ?

- When on an interview do you slip in those work-life balance questions ?

- Does your soft spoken voice appear too conservative because you prefer to speak slowly and think rationally ?

While there’s no proof that any of these are absolute 'no-no’s', they can help get you thinking about how you’re perceived in the office. The next time you’re doing the rounds, experiment with some tweaks to your workplace M.O. – it could make all the difference in helping to raise your profile in the office and may result in that long overdue promotion.

Marisa is hosting free upcoming seminar: How Women Sabotage Themselves In Business.

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