Collapsing Cooling Towers

Tower Header

Cooling towers are animated and then blown up, all in the name of greener energy!

This is part of Ecotricity’s ‘Dump the Big Six’ campaign the aim of which is to get people in the UK to move away from power-plant-made energy and onto greener energy. The "Big Six" are six companies in the UK that control the energy in Great Britain. Ecotricity say :

"No one likes a break up. But we can make it easier, especially when it comes to dumping your Big Six energy supplier.
We’re all fed up with their poor service, lack of commitment to the environment and over-complicated pricing. So we’ve put together a few minutes of fun for you to enjoy and share with your friends."

Although I am all for greener energy I just couldn't find this funny, I was sad when the poor tea drinking towers were unexpectedly blown up, and the tower with the quivering moustache, especially pulled on my heart strings!

If you are a soppy wimp like me then this will make you go "ohhh nooo, poor towers", but if your emotions are all in balance then this is potentially hilarious! ..... You decide.


Video Source : YouTube