35 Wall St Execs Who Did OK On Pay For 2011

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All the details aren't out yet, but here's what we have so far on Wall Street executive pay for 2011.

Bank of America

CEO Brian Moynihan - $950,000 base salary, no cash bonus, $5.9m in restricted stock

Co-COO Thomas Montag - $8.1m in restricted stock

CFO Bruce Thompson - $6.2m

Co-COO David Darnell - $4.2m in restricted stock

Montag, Thompson and Darnell are also thought likely to have bagged a cash bonus for their work in 2011, details of which will be revealed later.


CEO Vikram Pandit - deferred stock award $3.7m. Base salary $1.75m.

COO John Havens - deferred stock $3.47m

Consumer banking boss Manuel Medina-Mora - $2.64m in deferred stock

Chief Risk Officer Brian Leech - $2.36m in restricted stock

Goldman Sachs

CEO Lloyd Blankfein - $7m in restricted stock. Base salary $2m

London-based Vice Chairman and co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International Michael Sherwood - $9.5m in restricted stock

President Gary Cohn - $7m in restricted stock. $1.85m base salary

Vice Chairman Michael Evans - $7m in restricted stock. $1.85m base salary

Vice Chairman John Weinberg - $7m in restricted stock. $1.85m base salary

JPMorgan Chase

Group CEO Jamie Dimon - $17.3m in restricted stock (cash bonus not yet disclosed). Salary increased from $1m to $1.5m last year.

Jes Staley, CEO, JPMorgan Investment Bank - $7.95m in restricted stock, plus $2m in options

Asset Management head Mary Erdoes - $7.05m in restricted stock, plus $2m in options

CIO Ina Drew - $7.05m in restricted stock

Frank Bisignano, CAO & Home Lending - $4.95m in stock

Stephen Cutler, General Counsel - $4.65m

Michael Cavanagh, Treasury & Securities Services - $4.35m

CFO Douglas Braunstein - $4.35m

Samuel Todd Maclin, Commercial, Personal & Business Banking - $4.35m

Gordon Smith, Commercial Banking - $4.05m

Credit Risk, Barry Zubrow - $4.05m

John Hogan, investment banking risk management - $3.39m

Doug Petno, Commercial Banking - $3.06m

John Donnelly, Human Resources - $1.625m

Morgan Stanley

CEO James Gorman - $9.7m in deferred comp ($4.7m in deferred cash and equity linked stock, $5m in restricted stock). The bonus award represents a 25% decline on 2010, and is all deferred for a period of 3 years. Base salary $800,000.

Wealth Management head Greg Fleming - $3.4m in restricted stock.

Paul Taubman, co-head Institutional Securities - $3.4m in restricted stock

CFO Ruth Porat - $3.2m in restricted stock

COO Jim Rosenthal - $2.9m in restricted stock

Colm Kelleher, co-head Institutional Securities - $2.6m in restricted stock

Chief Risk Officer Keishi Hotuki - $1.8m in restricted stock

Chief Legal Officer Eric Grossman - $975,000

Morgan Stanley hasn't yet released details of deferred cash bonuses for anyone other than Gorman.

Sources- Bloomberg, Reuters, The New York Times

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