Cheese Knives: Which One When?

Three Knife Set

We're not going to tackle the question of when to serve the cheese - before dinner (North America) or after dinner (Europe). This is simply a tutorial in which knife to use when.

Why are we running this, you ask? Because I need a reminder, and figured you might, too.

In this 'classic' set, we have, from left to right:

Three Knife Set

  1. The knife with holes for soft cheese
  2. The knife with two prongs for hard cheese
  3. The short, strong knife for Parmesan

In this more extensive set, we have, from left to right:

Five Knife Set

  1. A fork for serving cheese
  2. A wide knife for very hard cheese
  3. A thin knife for semi-soft cheese
  4. A curved spreader for soft cheese
  5. A half-heart knife for hard cheese

But what about the question: Does each kind of cheese require its own knife? The answer is yes, ideally. But realistically, similar cheeses can share a knife if necessary.

I'm clear. I hope you're clear, too.

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