Get Your Glow Back

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Nab these must-know tips from five skin experts and guarantee your glow through the holiday season.

Stodgy winter food? Check.

Holiday cocktails? Check. (Water schmater…)

Cold temps? Check. (Crank up the central heating.)

Sofa surfing? Oh yeah.

And then we wonder why our skin has lost its radiance. Sound familiar? Five experts help you get your glow back, just in time for the holidays.

Eve Lom, Facialist and Skin Care Pioneer says: boost your immune system for great skin.

1. Stay: Oxygenated: breathe through the nose in very cold weather – it warms up the cold air and filters airborne particles. ‘Vitaminated’: maintain a balanced diet, with a dash of comfort food in between. Hydrated: with a lot of water at room temperature. Lubricated: with an extra intake of Omega 3-6-9 in your diet.

2. Have a Routine: Cleanse and exfoliate on a daily basis and only apply lubricants to the areas with no open pores (under the eyes, the orbit of the eyes, under the chin and the throat). Also, when skiing at high altitude, use a high SPF all over the face, but remove it before bed.

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Dr. Sharon Pitt, Nutritionist, Dr. Marilyn Glenville Clinic, says: give your liver a holiday detox.  If your body is cleansed from within, it shows on the outside as radiant skin.

1. Eat differently: Saturate your body with antioxidants by eating plenty of lightly steamed and raw vegetables in a spectrum of colours, and a moderate daily helping of fruit. Add Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet – found in oily fish (like salmon), nuts, seeds and avocados. Omega 3s help to calm inflammation within the body and skin. Eating the right fats benefit your skin by keeping it soft and supple.

2. Drink differently: Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks. Drink plenty of water and consume enough fibre to ensure regular bowel movements to help flush toxins out of the body. Start each day by drinking a cup of hot lemon water each morning - it's a great cleanser for the liver, aids digestion and helps promote healthy skin.

Maya Fiennes (International Yoga Expert) says: as tempting as it may be to abandon your exercise routine, keep moving! These yoga poses are perfect to get the skin glowing.

1. Ego Eradicator: Stretch the arms overhead at a 30 degree angle for balance, thumbs pointing up and fingers in a fist. Keep your elbows straight as you apply the Breath of Fire (inhaling and exhaling equal amount of air through the nose, just like sniffing). This is the most effective detoxifying breath. This position stimulates the pituitary gland, opens the heart and strengthens the magnetic field, making you glow.  It also aligns the ego with the soul. Thumbs touching each other, release the fingers and exhale.

2. Child Pose: kneel down on the floor with arms along your body behind you, forehead on floor, and chant “ONG SO HUNG” for three minutes. This pose fills the cavities with oxygen and clears wrinkles.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Celebrity Dermatologist, says:

1. Be food-aware: If we understand that the foods that promote weight gain also damage the skin, causing sagging, wrinkles, discoloration, loss of radiance, enlarged pores and acne, that extra Christmas cookie and calorie-ridden egg nog might not seem so appealing. If we eat a little can of salmon and an apple instead, our skin will take on a new suppleness, clarity and radiance.

2. Cultivate good habits: As with exercising, we need to establish regular, healthy habits and regimens.  We should strive to get as close to eight hours of sleep per night and learn to not skip meals, including breakfast. Implementing these simple rules will eliminate the pro-inflammatory habits we fall into and help us to achieve and maintain optimum weight, even during this busy time of year.

Pablo Rodriguez, Senior Makeup Artist, MAC Cosmetics, says: here’s how to keep looking radiant – especially after a hangover – this party season. The best morning-after beauty routine starts with your skin.

1. Drink water and hydrate your skin:  Spray MAC Fix +, which contains camomile, green tea and cucumber to condition it. Apply caffeine-based MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, to de-puff the eyes and fight dark circles. And finally, moisturize your face and neck with Strobe Cream, packed with minerals and antioxidants, which reflects light for an instant glow.

2. Brighten up with a touch of colour: Try Pink Swoon Blusher, to the apples of your cheeks, a bright lip colour – Lipgloss in Pink Poodle – and curl the lashes to open up your eyes.

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