Job Loss Announcements 2011 - The Final Tally (Hopefully)

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15 days left to the year-end. Surely that's it for this year on the job loss front ?

Here's the 2011 roll call

UBS - 4,000 staff to go in the investment bank, wealth, asset management and Swiss bank units.

Barclays / Barclays Capital - 3,500 by the year end (1,500 over at BarCap)

Citigroup - 4,500 (around 900 in the investment bank)

Credit Agricole - 2,370 (1,700 in the corporate & investment bank)

Credit Suisse - 3,500 across all businesses, all geographies

MF Global - around 2,000 employees worldwide lost their jobs when the firm went belly up in October

Royal Bank of Scotland Global Banking & Markets - 2000 (as part of its 5-year recovery plan)

Morgan Stanley - 1,900 (1,600 in the investment bank, 300 junior positions in wealth management)

BNP Paribas - 1,400 corporate and investment banking jobs to go

BNY Mellon - 1,500

State Street - 1,400

UniCredit - 6,150 (including 1,040 from corporate & investment banking)

Goldman Sachs - 1,000

JPMorgan - 1,000

Mizuho Securities - 700

Deutsche Bank - 600 (Corporate Bank & Securities unit)

Man Group - up to 400 jobs to go

Nomura - up to 400 jobs are likely to go in Europe

Daiwa Securities Group - 300 jobs to go (200 in Europe, 100 in Asia ex-Japan)

Northern Trust - 300 in Europe (more color on cuts in early 2012)

Julius Baer - 150

Bank of America is cutting 30,000 jobs, and several hundred positions have already been axed over at Bank of America Merrill. A review of costs at BofA ML is currently underway.

HSBC - 30,000 are also to go in the next few years, although many will come from the sale of non-core businesses and retail banking branch closures / sales. Around 700 investment bankers are thought to have gone this year.

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