Bank CEOs Issued Instructions On Opening Parcel Bombs

Cartoon Bomb

Yep, they are being issued memos now.

It seems that bank CEOs are being issued with instructive memos by their security personnel worried about parcel bombs.

The issue came to light again last week after a bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann was intercepted in the bank's mailroom. Two other bombs are thought to have been delayed in the post.

Here's a typical memo to a CEO:

'Subject - Parcel bombs

If you discover a parcel with a bomb in it, it is best not to open it.

If you are unsure about the contents, place the package carefully up to your ear. If it is ticking, quickly throw it out of the window. First, remember to open the window. If at all possible, try to avoid throwing it into the path of members of the public, as this could be bad for our PR.

It is probably not a good idea to shake the bomb, or to spend too much time checking it over. If in doubt, please call your Operations Manager, who will send someone up from back office to open the package. Please ensure that you stand a fair distance away while the package is being opened in order to avoid unnecessary collateral damage in the event of an explosion'.


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