9 rules to stick to at the firm Christmas party


Don't be a loser this Christmas.

Here is a list of 9 rules you should stick to at your firm Christmas party:

Rule 1 - Don't talk about work.

This is a social occasion with your colleagues, not a strategy meeting. Don't be a bore. For one evening, people want to forget about budgets, sagging revenues and computers taking their jobs. 

Rule 2 - Don't boast about your bonus prospects.

There will be staff there who will get little or nothing this year-end, and hearing what you expect to receive they will quite likely want to punch you! 

Rule 3 - Don't ask for a raise. 

Just because the boss is smiling for the first time since the last Christmas party doesn't mean this is a good time to point out your increased salary expectations. 

Rule 4 - Don't take a souvenir from the restaurant / hotel / bar or whatever.

Cutlery, table decorations, napkins – they don't belong to you. Remember - bankers always get caught! 

Rule 5 - Don't reciprocate advances from married colleagues. It's never worth it in the end. 

Rule 6 - Don't at any point display your exotic (or erotic) dancing skills.

Rule 7 - Keep cool - a lot of skin is not appropriate at a work function.

Rule 8 - Don't drink too much - being sick on the dance floor isn't usually a career-enhancing move.

Rule 9 - Avoid the photocopier - bums and tums always end badly.

image: © DoodleDeMoon

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