6 emails that went viral

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Here's a list of 6 emails that went viral.

1. Where is my ham sandwich ?

A couple of secretaries from a top Sydney law firm got in an online battle over a missing ham sandwich.

Insults flew, names were called, and the story traveled far and wide and in the end, both lost. Both of them have been fired. The exchange so amused the staff that copies started to be circulated and some of them joined in. Then they started sending copies to their mates in other law firms and employees from Westpac, Deloitte, Macquarie Bank and JP Morgan joined in.

Read the exchange here

2. The Lucy Goa Birthday Invite

Having decided to host a lavish 21st birthday party at the Ritz in London, a Citi intern sent a detailed e-mail to 39 of her friends setting out the schedule for the evening, giving them staggered time slots for arrival, a dress code, and even advice on what to say.

Unfortunately, one colleague was so stunned by her message that he forwarded it on to a friend; who then forwarded it on to 12 of her friends...

Read the invite here

3. Two city boys, the 'hot ex' and one accidental email 

Rude emails exchanged by two City boys about a “hot” girl are an internet hit after one accidentally forwarded their conversation – to her. The charming and very generous Harry Fildes sent an email to a friend giving him permission to "...pursue her… she's hot" (speaking about his former girlfriend). Incidentally the friend, was subsequently fired from his job at Miller Insurance over the incident.

Read the emails here

4. Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint email letter ?

A complaint letter sent by a Virgin customer after a long haul flight went viral. The outcome, a personal phone call from Richard Branson himself. 

Read the complaint here

5. Banker fires a lewd email to friends

In 2001, an employee at South Korean firm The Carlyle Group, sent an email to friends updating them on life in his new home. His subject line: "Living like a king." An excerpt from the note detailed his sexual exploits...

The financier from London resigned after his email, which his friends found to be very entertaining, was forwarded around the world.

The full email can be read here

6. Monster in-law email to would-be bride

Who could forget the mother-in-law who sent a scathing email to her daughter-in-law addressing her alleged lack of manners.

If you missed the email, read the scathing comments here

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