'Occupy Legoland' Protests Spread

Occupy Legoland Police Brutality

'Occupy Legoland' has been to Zucotti Park, New York City (see pics below).

‎***Another Reminder ***

We are in need of more Lego People to join the protests!!! Please contact us if you have Lego People that you can send to us to join the protests in NYC. The Occupy Wall Street campers at Zuccotti Park have been truely appreciative of the efforts, and we would love to do more, larger Occupy Lego Land protests. Please let us know if you can help by donating Lego People.

Occupy Legoland can be joined on Facebook and on Twitter. And, more photos are available on their Facebook page.

Occupy Legoland Peaceful -

Occupy Legoland Police Brutality -

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