All Hail David Thorne

David Thorne's Spider

That's what my friend wrote in the subject line of the email. Clearly I've been living under a rock. Who is this David Thorne?

As of earlier this year, a New York Times bestselling author. Prior to that, an Internet satire sensation. (So it's appropriate for his book to be named The Internet Is A Playground.) Clearly, my rock was big.

The first thing that brought him to prominence was a blog post called I Wish I Had a Monkey. It's ridiculous. And funny.

Then came the spider drawing (and accompanying email exchange), which he sends in lieu of an overdue payment. It's totally hilarious.

Finally, it was the email exchange that begins with David RSVPing to his new neighbour's housewarming party to which he wasn't invited. It is painful and beyond funny. His place in the world of humour was secured.

The most recent work to make the email rounds is the litany of complaints a guy named Simon Dempsey have filed against David Thorne for bad workplace behaviour. Not surprisingly, it's good, too.

His website,, is named for the place George Orwell wrote Animal Farm - Apartment 27B, which was on the 6th floor of a building in Canonbury Square, Islington.

You might want to bookmark it for future Monday mornings.

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