Wall Street Pros Told Not To Poke Fun At Protesters

Wall Street Bull

There was a time when poking fun at protesters was almost the sport of choice by bankers around the world.

G20 protests were the most eagerly awaited, of course, but anyone protesting against banks and / or bankers were fair game for jeering, waving handfuls of money at, or even giving the middle finger to. That all changed, though, when a Deutsche banker in London lost his job last year, after pictures emerged of him taunting National Health Service (NHS) job-cut protesters as they marched passed the bank's London Wall City HQ building.

One Wall Street banker told Here Is The City: 'We've all been told not to get involved and to give the protesters a wide berth. It's been made absolutely clear that to do otherwise could mean that we will be fired. Our firms just don't want the bad publicity. The media would jump on any response, so we'll laugh at those suckers in private (naturally), but do nothing to publicly inflame the situation'.

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