We love Urban Daddy. And aren’t you curious about where this is going, with ‘beer’ in the title and ‘urban daddy’ in the intro?

We figured. So without further ado, here is what Urban Daddy (not quite my daddy, but almost) has to say about this tome, which will no doubt be making its way onto your shelf in 22 days (since we know you’re going to pre-order it from Amazon).

Pounds of knowledge here: 3.8 pounds
Weight of average human brain: 3 pounds
“Beer experts” consulted for this book: 166
Percentage of readers who’ll Google “Beer Expert Jobs” after this: 99%
Beer-related entries in book: more than 1,100
Beer styles described in mouthwatering detail: 107
Pages devoted to nonalcoholic beer: less than 2
Page on which you’ll find out that alcohol consumptionincreased during Prohibition: 669
Countries with categories of music entirely dedicated to drinking songs: 2
US national anthems with melodies stolen from English drinking songs: 1
Sentences reading, “The history of beer, quite literally, is the history of human civilization”: 1
Sentences that tell you elephants, monkeys and bats love alcohol: 1
Beer museums in the world: 34
Vacation days you have left: hopefully about 34
Days you have to memorize all this before next Oktoberfest: 354