'Occupy Wall Street' Reminded Us Of This Amusing Banker Prank

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700 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters were arrested Saturday, and it reminded us of this amusing banker prank which occurred during the G20 protests in London a couple of years back.

The banker (pictured to the right) thought it would be a good idea to mingle anonymously with the crowd of protesters.

Dressed in his casual gear (of course), he'd surely not be spotted and picked on by the angry mob. But his waggish colleagues on the trading floor had other ideas.

Fortunately our guileless banker friend is thought to have made it back to his office in one piece.

And for those who are interested (and many of you won't be), here's the list of Occupy Wall Street's demands:

1. Reinstate Glass-Steagall

This would re-create a regulatory wall between commercial and investment banking. (The repeal of this act in 1999 is said by some to have contributed towards the financial crisis.) 

2. Bring alleged Wall Street criminals to justice 

Ensure appropriate federal agencies fully investigate and prosecute the alleged Wall Street criminals that were responsible for the financial crisis 

3. Repeal the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling 

Enact legislation to protect democracy which would restrict corporations from allegedly 'buying elections'. By reversing the effect of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, corporations would be highly limited in ability to contribute to political campaigns - no matter what the election and no matter what the form of media.

4. Fair taxation

Pass the Buffet Rule on fair taxation, so the rich pay their fair share.

5. Revamp the Securities and Exchange Commission

This would ensure the integrity of the marketplace is protected, meaning citizens and investors are also both protected.

6. Increased political transparency

Limit the influence of lobbyists at Congress, and increase political transparency so people know what Congress is up to. 

7. Congress passing 'revolving door legislation'

Passing legislation eliminating the ability of former government regulators going to work for corporations that they once regulated.

8. Instate a Tobin Tax

A Tobin tax would hurt Wall Street bonuses and curb high-frequency and other trading activity.

9. Eliminate 'personhood' legal status for corporations

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