Rookie Error - Won't Someone Give This Kid A Break ?

Kid In The Rain

OK, it's a hard world, but surely someone can give this rookie a break rather than just take the rise out of him.

Dealbreaker reported earlier this week that a young Senior at the University of Pennsylvania made a real rookie error and sent out an email to recruitment specialists at a number of US firms without unfortunately using the BCC box.

Predictably, this gave rise to much mirth and most everyone seemed to get off on it.

Now Business Insider has published the email apology the kid has since sent out to the same recruitment specialists (using the BCC box on this occasion):

'My sincere apologies

I am ashamed and embarrassed to have sent you a mass email. It was extremely impersonal. It also demonstrated a complete and utter lack of professionalism. I realize that I have disrespected you, your firm, my school, and all the alumni of Penn. I know that I do not even deserve a reply from you, but I hope that we can somehow move past this and develop a good relationship. Again, I very sincerely and deeply apologize.

Best regards'

Now we feel that this guy's apology demonstrates:

1. He's a quick learner (note the use of the BCC)

2. He is determined, even in adversity, to get into the industry

3. He has a certain humility - an often rare quality on Wall Street

So instead of further heaping scorn on him, we hope some of recipients of his email will overlook his rookie error and give him a chance to redeem himself at interview. Go on, let's be a little good natured for a change!

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