A New Kind of Street Art


Forget paint-by-numbers. As an artist in Berlin shows us, paint-by cars is where it's at.

Painting Reality


A Berlin intersection near Rosenthaler Platz became a giant canvas as unsuspecting drivers became artists when Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh dumped 500 liters of water-based, environmentally-friendly paint into the road.

Iepe told the Toronto Star newspaper, “Because I work a lot in a public space, it feels that I am painting reality. I am not a painter, but my work always makes me feel like I am painting reality myself and the world myself.”

“You don’t see it in the video. There were tons of police and firefighters (at) the intersection. They took out their test tubes and took a bit of the paint to (their) laboratory. We had posters up saying: ‘Dear police, don’t worry it will rain. It’s water-based paint. It will go away.”


Video source : IEPESart on YouTube

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