10 of the worst / most challenging jobs given to interns ever

Here's 10 of the worst / most challenging jobs given to interns.

1. 'Picking out all the sweetcorn from my boss's tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad'.

2. 'Completing my boss’s 11-year-old child’s homework to no less than a B-grade level. (Quite a challenge when you are only a 'C' level student yourself!)'.

3. 'Spraying my boss’s bald head with sunscreen before he went out on lunch'.

4. 'Picking gum out of the rugs in the buildings with a set of keys'.

5. 'Cleaning dog sh.t off the reception carpet after a client walked in with it on his shoe'.

6. 'Queuing up all night and most of the next day for my boss to ensure he got an iPhone 4'.

7. 'Going shopping for boss's wife and girlfriend’s Christmas presents'.

8. 'Managing the boss’s online dating profile'.

9. 'Taking home the boss’ sweaty gym gear to wash and bring back again ready for the next day!'.

10. 'Following the boss around wiping all the surfaces in the office before he touched them'.

image: © Kai Chan Vong

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