9 unprofessional things interviewers do to job candidates

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Here's the 9 most unprofessional things that interviewers do to jobseekers.

1. Keep them waiting - a massive power play

2. Not reading their CVs before the interview commences - lazy and disrespectful

3. Keep looking at their watch in a not-to-subtle attempt to hurry the interview along - an indication of the interviewer's (probably over-inflated) sense of their own self-importance

4. Not listening to candidate responses to questions - a clear indication that the interviewer is going through the motions

5. Not offering refreshments (even if it is only a glass of water) - displays a lack of common courtesy, or the fact that the interviewer isn't important enough themselves to be able to dispense with tea / coffee

6. Taking phone calls / answering text messages during the interview - another indication that, in the scheme of things, you aren't important

7. Not taking any notes - unless they have total recall, it's clear that there's little likelihood of your interview being successful.

8. Not turning up and sending a (clearly) more junior replacement - a real slight (better to postpone the interview)

9. Not following through like they said they would / promised - a typical sign that many interviewers are really only there under sufferance

image: © Fernando de Sousa

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