15 Of The Most Famous Former Goldman Sachs Partners

Jon Corzine

The New York Times 'DealBook' column took a look at the group of 221 Goldman partners at the time of the firm's IPO 12 years ago, and wondered how they were doing.

Interestingly, of the 221 original partners, only 39 remain working day-to-day at the firm.

Anyway, we thought we'd take a quick look at 14 of the most famous of those who made a fortune in 1999 and have since moved on:

Jon Corzine - lost out in a power battle with Hank Paulson to run Goldman, Corzine became a US Senator, Governor of New Jersey, and then (infamously) the Chairman / CEO over at now bankrupt MF Global.

Gavyn Davies - financial commentator, co-founder of Fulcrum Asset Management and former Chairman of the BBC

Stefan Jentzsch - former CEO over at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Jentzsch is now a partner at Perella Weinberg Partners

Peter Kraus - perhaps best known for officially working at Merrill Lynch for just one month, before the announcement of the takeover of the firm by Bank of America in 2008 triggered a $25m exit package in his contract. Currently Chairman / CEO over at AllianceBernstein

Scott Mead - founding partner of Richmond Park Partners, but perhaps more famous as the boss of his former Goldman secretary, Jyoti De-Laurey, who managed to steal $4.8m from his bank accounts without him noticing

Thomas Montag - currently runs legacy Merrill Lynch global banking & markets for Bank of America, and famously recruited to Merrill by John Thain in 2008 on a $50m comp package

Henry 'Hank' Paulson - former Goldman CEO and US Treasury Secretary, the man who saved the world from going to hell in a hand cart.

Emmanuel Roman - former Chairman & co-CEO of hedge fund GLG Partners, and now COO over at Man Group (which acquired GLG)

Robert Rubin - former US Treasury Secretary and Citi exec who famously got $15m a year for having 'no operational responsibilities' (and therefore couldn't be blamed when the firm almost went belly up)

Robert Steele - Hank Paulson's former right-hand-man at Treasury, became CEO over at Wachovia for a short while (before the firm effectively failed - through no fault of Steele's - and was taken over by Wells Fargo). Steele currently works under New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development

John Thain - the man who dragged The New York Stock Exchange into the 21st Century, helped save thousands of jobs by assisting Greg Fleming sell Merrill Lynch to Bank of America, and who is currently Chairman & CEO of CIT Group

John Thornton - the man sent to China (as a professor at Tsinghua University) by Hank Paulson after failing to become CEO over at Goldman, Thornton now has the thankless task of overseeing HSBC's comp committee in his role a a non-executive director

Byron Trott - Warren Buffett's favourite banker, now running his own business, BDT Capital Partners

George H. Walker - currently Chairman / CEO of Neuberger Berman, and famous for calling up The White House (against his better judgement) whilst Neuberger was part of Lehman and the latter firm was imploding in 2008. Walker tried to get hold of cousin George W. Bush to see if anything could be done to save Lehman, but Bush sadly never came to the phone (or officially called back).

Peter A. Weinberg - co-founder of independent, privately-owned financial services firm Perella Weinberg Partners

 The Goldman Sachs Diaspora

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