You Fools

Marmite Vaseline

It's almost not funny anymore.

Here's some of this year's April Fools jokes.

Marmite Vaseline

Vaseline have announced a Marmite varient on their Facebook page. I'm in the 'love it' camp so I'm a little disappointed that this is considered a joke.

Marmite Vaseline -

YouTube is 100 Today

Congratulations YouTube, 100 years young today. And, you can see what YouTube was like in 1911 courtesy of a new 1911 button included on most YouTube videos. Here's Sneezing Panda 1911 Style.

1911 Sneezing Panda -

Gmail Motion

Send email, look like a prat.

BMW M3 Royal Wedding Edition

Sort of not that funny at all.

BMW M3 Royal Wedding Edition -

Edible Metro Newspaper

Edible Metro Newspaper -

Doggie High Chair

Ikea Australia have launched the doggie high chair.


"The PLAYMOBIL™ iStore includes amazingly tiny iPhones, Macbooks and iPads. Tiny Geniuses stand behind the tiny Genius bar. Use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater."

PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset -