What's In A Name - Top Firm Scores Own Goal

Credit Card

It is a little known fact that this firm has one of the tightest e-mail filtering software systems in the industry.

Credit Suisse uses software that rigorously roots out spam, abusive and other unwanted e-mails. And there's nothing wrong with that in an age where time is clearly money - who wants inboxs full of offers of pills, potions and, well you get the picture!

In common with many firms, Credit Suisse's software includes a program that identifies key words that are recognised as being associated with spam e-mail messages, and gives e-mails overall spam ratings. Once you hit a 'spam score' threshold, your e-mail will go straight to junk.

And one of the most common 'spam' words is - you got it - 'credit'. Which means that if you send an e-mail to Credit Suisse with 'Credit' in the subject bar, you might (depending on what other mix of words you use in the text) get spammed out. You couldn't make it up.


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