Another 60 Second Recruitment Interview

Nick Price

Here's our latest 60 Second Recruitment Interview and Nick Price, Managing Director of Bright Purple comes under the spotlight.

Q - How long have you been in the industry, and what is your current job title ?

A - I’ve been in the recruitment business for more than 20 years now. I started in 1990 and have been running my own business, Bright Purple, for 16 years. My current title is Managing Director.

Q - Did you have a mentor and, if so, who ?

A - I am fortunate to have had many mentors in my career, both personal and professional. I learnt a lot about ethics and values from a fantastic man called Hamish Taylor from the Glasgow firm of Andrew Muirheads.

Currently I would have to say my key mentor is my chairman Peter Flaherty. In terms of success, he has been there and done it with an unquestionable track record in the recruitment industry. He is not only hugely inspirational to me, but he’s always a cool and wise head to turn to for counsel when big decisions need to be taken.

Q - Are you by nature a pessimist or an optimist ?

A - I would say I am very much an optimist, but one with his feet firmly on the ground. I believe that we will not fail in our quest to make Bright Purple a successful global company, but I also know that it won’t happen without hard work and the on-going commitment of our team, which I am always grateful to have.

Q - Which business leader do you most admire and why ?

A - So many people have inspired me over the years - lots of the usual suspects like Branson and Sugar would be on the list, but I would suggest I am a bigger fan of Jim McColl, CEO and Chairman of Clyde Blowers Capital. He is a passionate Scot who took Clyde Blowers from a very unsexy company to a global brand, aggressively leading from the front.

Q - What's the biggest lesson you ever learned in your career in recruitment ?

A - Always be there for people, because one day you might need them. Look after the people who look after you. For clients who support your company and put their faith in you, it is vital you repay them by delivering an exceptional service. For staff members who work hard for your business, it is important to reward them appropriately and show your appreciation whenever you can.

Q - What's your favourite business quotation or life motto ?

A - I like simple quotes and I saw one recently by Marcia Wieder: Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer. However you just can’t beat the Nike classic - Just Do It!

Q - What's the best business book you ever read ?

A - I’m a massive fan of the author Seth Godin and, by pure coincidence it’s his book, Purple Cow.

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