Get Back In the Swing

Pampered In The Paddock At Newbury Racecourse 4

Are you worried that your irons aren't hot anymore? Concerned that you've lost your grip? HITC Life gets five top tips from golf pro Jon Woodroffe in order to make you swing like it's, well, last golf season.

  1. Check the grips of your golf clubs, as after the winter they may have become hard and dry. A new set of grips will make your clubs feel like a new set.
  2. Check that the spikes in your golf shoes are not worn. This is the sort of thing you tend not to notice during the playing season, but a new set of spikes in your shoes will improve your grip on the ground during your golf swing.
  3. Stretching exercises, particularly aimed at the rotation of the upper body, will allow you to get back the coil on the backswing, which is where the distance off the tee comes from.
  4. Make time to hit the golf range. Before you get out on the course, hit some buckets of balls and let the magic come flooding back. If you have a World of Golf range near you, they're open till 10pm weekdays, and have some great deals on at the moment.
  5. Ease the rust off your bones and perfect your technique with lessons from a professional. World of Golf’s Improver's Lessons cover all areas of your game, from driving to putting and gently get you back on track, while Trackman technology lets you pinpoint where your swing can be improved.


Jon Woodroffe is World of Golf UK’s #1 expert on coaching beginners and novices, and has helped nearly 20,000 people through their first steps in golf. Jon is currently a Fellow of the PGA and is based at World of Golf in New Malden. World of Golf provides training facilities, golf tuition and Adventure Golf in New Malden, Glasgow, Croydon and Sidcup.