Merrill Murder Retrial Verdict Just In


A Hong Kong jury of 9 people took just over 10 hours to find Nancy Kissel guilty of the 2003 murder of her husband, former Merrill Lynch executive Robert Kissel.

Mrs Kissel was originally found guilty of what became known as the 'milkshake murder' in 2005, but she was given a retrial after Hong Kong's highest court threw out the conviction.

Although she admitted manslaughter, Mrs Kissel denied murdering her husband, claiming that she killed him while suffering from major depression and at a time when she was not responsible for her actions (brought on by what she claimed was her husband's abusive and unreasonable behaviour).

Prosecutors claimed, however, that the accused was 'highly organised', and they said that they had found evidence on her personal PC which confirmed that she had been searching the internet for heart-attack inducing drugs and sleeping pills. The jurors rejected Mrs Kissel claims that she was not in control of her actions, and found that she had premeditatedly laced her husband's milkshake with sleeping pills to make him drousy, then bashed him over the head with a lead ornament that killed him while he was unconscious.

Mrs Kissel now faces the prospect of a mandatory life sentence for the second time, although she can apply to serve out the remainder of her jail term in a US correctional facility.

Sources - Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal


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