Food For the People

Julia Roberts In Eat Pray Love

With all that's going on in the world, I think it’s time to start thinking about how you can give something back to your community, your friends, or those less fortunate than you. And what better way than doing this through good food?

When was the last time you invited friends over for dinner, served your partner a delicious home made breakfast, baked a birthday cake for a friend, or maybe even gave up some of your spare time to cook up some meals for people less fortunate?

Remember how this makes (or would make) you feel? Loved, nourished, and generally happy. For me, nothing can beat an evening with friends, great food, and lots of laughter. Somehow in our fast-paced society, I believe we’ve lost the ability to take a step back. We're always looking for the most immediate solution that is best for us (or is promised to be best for us). Rushing around, we constantly want to be stimulated. I think we have forgotten about the fact that food is meant to be enjoyed with all our senses and shared, instead of wolfed down in less than eight minutes, while checking Blackberries, iPhones or stock market prices. What are we afraid to miss?

Slow down and think about the relationship you have to food (and once you’re done doing that, revisit your relationships with all your real friends). How you could use your love of food to make someone else feel nourished and loved? Look around at other cultures where food is a way of bringing together families and friends. (Girls who watched Eat Pray Love might remember her trip to Italy.)

I’m not talking spending four hours in the kitchen every night baking, cooking and becoming the next MasterChef. Just invite some friends over for dinner or lunch this weekend, or have a bake-off at work for charity.

Share your love of food and give something back.