My Husband, the Changeling

Wedding Hands Leo Cumings

When Prince Charming becomes the offspring of a troll.

Dear Soul Sister

I recently married a man I thought was perfect for me. He was so good to me, and he was like a rock. But now we're having row after row, and he nags me and gets so angry. Have I made a big mistake?


Dear Forlorn

Sounds to me as if you are just getting into stage two of your relationship! Stage one is all lovey dovey (and nevermind very sexy) - you find each other and all is well. But after a while, and scientists put this at around 18 months, you get to know the person. All of the person. And, of course, they are getting to know more of you, and you are both starting to negotiate what life together will be like.

What comes with this are a lot of tasks and surprises. Maybe he is tired of being a rock and wants to lean on you a little! It is important that you are kind and negotiate with an open heart and in a gentle way.

So in answer to your question, no I don’t think you made a mistake. But be aware that now is the time NOT to make too many. How you work through this stage will set the tone in your relationship for hopefully many years to come!