The Career Carousel

Carousel Silhouette Theresa Murphy

I am considering a change in career. Given I am currently in extended limbo since the abrupt end of my most recent career more than three years ago, this could seem long overdue.

The 10-month-old is now old enough to consider the possibility of farming out some of his pastoral care without inviting negative comments regarding my maternal negligence. I am free to find my life's calling again, though the beckoning bray of The City's charms are somewhat less musical now than they were to my singleton-twentysomething ears.

Therein lies the difference. The three year fallow period aside, I remain the same individual who managed to wrestle her way through half a dozen interviews and claim my place as a bona fide broker. Minor mental deterioration owing to sleep deprivation and nursery rhyme overdose is a moot point. But I am no longer single - my ball and chain baggage is a family. And I am no longer in my twenties - raucous socialising at the expense of expense accounts no longer floats my boat.

So where does that leave an ex-banking mother of two? The principle requirement is for flexibility around nursery/school drop-offs, pickups, holidays, sick days, dentist/doctor visits (I am beginning to understand why Lord Sugar claims he would "think twice before employing a woman"). So far, the only options on this particular career carousel are teaching (I shudder at the thought of dealing simultaneously with so many children) or setting up some form of self-employment where my employer won't be tempted to fire me for moonlighting as a mother.

The last time I reached this junction in the road of considering my career options, I gave up and postponed the difficult decision by plumping for the easy option of having another baby. Unless I harbour a hidden desire to form our own family five-a-side team, I suggest I shift up a gear and get my backside on this carousel pronto.