Summer Fitness MasterChef

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Wash your apron and get out your tall, white chef's hat. Today we are going to cook up a bikini body!

Normally I'm only called Nigella when I'm out in East London on a Saturday night, wearing a long blonde wig and some killer heels. But for the purpose of this article, you can call me that today.

And I'd like to start by welcoming you all to my Body Kitchen. We're going to look at exactly what goes into a bikini body, and the best way to prepare it. Now, before we start, you're going to need to get your ingredients to hand.

Menu Ingredients

(Serves almost all of you in 2.5 hours per week)

Bikini Workouts - 2 (45 minutes)
Cardio Sessions - 1 (60 minutes)
Healthy Eating 7 - Humongous Dollops
Help from the Nutritionist in the City - Generous Dash
Discipline Cream (Home-made is best) - 3 Large Tablespoons
"Man Up" Sauce - 1 Tablespoon (add to taste)


This dish is best cooked long and slow, so get started or you'll be rushing a few weeks before you need it. I know you can often find an express version in the backs of various celeb magazines as we approach summer, but whilst they might come out the oven looking OK, they tend to spoil very quickly.


Start by giving yourself time for three workout sessions a week, these consist of two bikini workouts and one cardio workout. Now you can use two smaller servings of cardio (30 minutes each), but it really depends on which fits better into your schedule.

Bikini Workout - Click here to watch the video.

Cardio Workout(s) - These can be anything that get you moving, like walking, running, dancing, aerobics, swimming. Just make sure you're doing something physically challenging, that will get your heart rate up, and get you sweating. And if its fun, all the better.


An essential part of the recipe. Most of us know what we need to eat, its just a case of putting it into practice. The diets you find in magazines are usually way too extreme, dangerously short term, and are often taken out of context. If you want to avoid following some half-baked idea, revisit our Nutritionist in the City, and get in touch with her for some good ideas!

Cooking Time

With the preparation done, it's now time to get cooking. As I said before, get started as early as possible. If you think the recipe is starting to go off course, remove from oven, introduce some 'man up' sauce, grit your teeth, and get on with it!!

Time to Enjoy

Fresh out of the oven and looking good, it's time to enjoy it. If you need any help with this, don't ask me. Ask a travel agent!