End of the Rainbow

Tracie Bennett as Judy Garland

Right now in the West End, Judy Garland is alive starring in End of the Rainbow.

OK, so it's not exactly Judy Garland, but Tracie Bennett who plays the singer/actress six months prior to her death at her London shows in December 1968.

End of the Rainbow opens as Judy, her last husband Mickey D, and her piano player Anthony prepare for the start of her comeback shows at the Talk of the Town.

Addicted to several types of medication, a constant drinker, and a nervous wreck with or without her drugs, Garland up one minute and down the next. Her days are rollercoasters for the people around her.

In between the hotel room and the stage (with a six-piece orchestra behind her), Bennett is amazing. Her twitching, nervousness, acting and especially her singing are so perfectly captured that you actually feel you are watching Judy live. Has Judy Garland been reincarnated in Bennett's body? It seems so!

End of the Rainbow ends on May 21, so get your tickets now and see a dead legend come alive.