3D Star Wars Announced: Pay More for George to Make the Films Worse... Again

3d Darth Maul

"Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace" has an official 3D theatrical release date. The time is close when you'll be able to see Jar Jar Binks in glorious 3D.

February 10th, 2012. That's the date you'll be able to experience Star Wars in 3D, according to a Lucasfilm-operated website. There are plans to then release the other 5 films in order, one year apart. The kicker is that this plan could be dependent on the success of the first release, which, to us at least, seems odd. Why pin the release of the entire hexalogy on the worst film?

Of course we've been here before. In 1997 the original trilogy received a digital makeover complete with new scenes and characters, much the ire of die-hard fans. And, we'll go here again. Even before the 3D versions the Bluray super-super-super digitally remastered versions are expected to drop. So, plenty of ways for George Lucas to coin it.

The conversion of the films to 3D is being handled by Industrial Light and Magic.