Where Freaks Are Born

Stork In The Night Martine Lemmens

A friend of mine started to work for an internet company. He used to work in financial services, but switched because he hated the hierarchy and the insane bosses in this industry.

I wondered whether that would be different in another sector. Is it possible that the financial industry just attracts a proportionally large amount of freaks?

After working for his new company for only a few days, he told me how liberated he felt. Not only were the bosses super nice, the company had figured out that relaxing is part of the work day. This meant free massages for everyone, fussball tables everywhere, and free concerts once in a while. His collegues were very nice as well - backstabbing and bitching wasn’t necessary. The owner of the company was just not that type of man. Very simple, but true.

The financial industry, on the other hand, is a sector with strict rules of conduct that are dictated by the bosses. These rules are set, and are hard, if not impossible, to change. Once in a while a new company is introduced, but these are often established by former employees of the established players, and therefore don't change the way things work.

So if your boss is a nasty, mean, old, freaky, little man, and you grow up under his reign, you start to think this is the way to get to the top, and unconsciously start to look like him. Thus you turn into a freak as well. Even though you promised yourself you wouldn't. Too late. You became part of the establishment.

So it is not that the financial industry attracts a large amount of freaks. They are born there.