Seven Traders Stuck In A Lift

7 City traders are said to have been stuck in a lift for 3 hours last Friday, after spending an evening of fun at a Japanese in Canary Wharf

We asked readers what they thought of the incident.

Here are your responses:

1. 'Best place for them. At least they couldn't have done much damage in there'.

2. 'I wouldn't like to have to clean up after they got out of that lift. Can you imagine the smell!'.

3. 'Now that's what I call systemic risk!'.

4. 'At least they were all blokes. Pity a poor girl if she was stuck in there with them'.

5. 'Nightmare. They must have run out of meaningful things to say in all of 30 seconds'.

6. '7 lardy traders in one small lift. Now that's something worth seeing'.

7. 'Sounds like a good idea for a reality TV show'.

8. 'The only thing missing appears to have been Jordan'.

9. 'Or Vince Cable'.

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