UBS - Punch Up On The Trading Floor

UBS has apparently decided the future of two star traders who are said to have got involved in some fisticuffs on the firm's trading floor in Sydney, Australia.

According to local press reports, Tuesday's altercation between the two men, who are said to have known each other for 15 years, started with a 'gentle shove' and escalated from there (as these things can often do).

See video to above, which is not the UBS guys, but nevertheless a classic (the action starts around 18 seconds).

The UBS traders are said to have been separated by colleagues, then sent home. Their fate, it seems, was in the hands of management and Human Resources (God help 'em), which is said to have conduced an investigation.

A UBS spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal: 'Appropriate action has been taken, and the matter is now closed. We're not going to confirm anything else'.

One trader told Here Is The City: 'In the old days, bun fights on the trading floor were quite acceptable. In fact, they were encouraged. We all joined in - it was great for morale. Things are different now, of course - you can't fight, cuss, make sexist comments or even f.rt on the floor without getting a written warning (or worse) from someone in the firm.

'A bit of a punch-up now and again never did anyone any harm. Hell, it at least shows these guys have a bit of passion!'.

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