How To Spend Your Bonus: #10 The Ice Cold Proposal

Monica Martini

Once you've wooed your love on the most expensive first date she'll surely be wanting long-term access to your bonus base salary.

Monica Martini - What better way to propose than flying her out to Las Vegas and proposing with a Monica Martini. The $10,000 drink from the Minus5 Ice Bar includes a diamond engagement ring embeded in it's ice glass.

From Minus5 Ice Bar:

"With just 48 hour’s notice, Ice Occasions will entomb the Aaron Lelah Jewelers ring of your choice into either a crystal clear ice sphere or cocktail glass made from pure Canadian glacier water. Lovebirds first get suited up in faux fur coats and hats before being sent inside one of Minus 5’s two world-famous Vegas ice lounges. There amid the carved ice statues, pelt-covered loveseats and chandeliers, the drinks are presented to the couple and the rest is up to him. Interestingly, the Monica is so-named for a Minus 5 bartender engaged three times in two years. But perhaps that’s a bit of trivia best left on ice."

Source: Haute Living

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