The Spitalfields Sales

Jam Clothing At Spitalfields

Bang right in the middle of a matrix of offices is a little oasis of restaurants and shops that offers something different from your big brands. And as it is after Christmas, there are bargains galore to be had across the board.

I did a little snooping around to see what I could find.

Spitalfields has funky little retro boutiques, such as Traffic People, which has a fifty percent sale on until the end of January. Traffic People has frilly cardigans and gem-like shoes to be found for a snatch at £10 in their bargain bucket. You also have Chica, where their silk dresses are reduced from £195 to a steal at £30 - £50, a high class boutique at high street prices. If you are looking for a frock for Valentines Day to give your special someone something to think about, head in to take your pick. Chica stocks Suncoo Paris as well as Chica labels and can be found online.

For the gentlemen we have Oscar Milo, a Heritage-style store. You can find Epsom Squire-cut coats in winter's must-have moleskin and tweed, Scotch Soda corduroys, and slim-fit shirts with imperial cardigans to set of the style, finishing with a pair of replay ripped jeans. Prices are usually set in the early hundreds for these, but in these sales, who can resist setting the bloodhounds on them?

If your heading out on a Sunday, you'll also get all of the stalls which have high street and boutique wear at a slice of the price - like a fabulous fox fur at Timeless (£90), a one-off handmade handbag made from recycled leather and zips at Yildiz & I (£30.00) or a retro cardigan or coat from Jam.

So stay away from the high street, but not from the sales!