2010 - Winners & Losers

Here's a note of who we think ended up 2010's winners & losers.


1. David Kiely, the Macquarie portfolio manager who managed to keep his job after being caught live on TV opening up racy photos of Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr.

2. Citi CEO Vikram Pandit, who finally won some plaudits - three years into doing what many regard as an impossible job.

3. Rupesh Shingadia - the Threadneedle Asset Management analyst who was seen with a huge cigar in his gob and wearing a fake Groucho Marx tash in the background in a Mail-on-Sunday picture of Tiger Woods fluffing a chip shot at this year's Ryder Cup. Shingadia donned the garb in homage to Miguel Angel Jimenez, himself famous for his cigar-chomping (and skill at playing golf).

4. French bank BNP Paribas which, according to Bloomberg data, was the biggest bank in the world in terms of the assets as at 30.10.10.

5. Deutsche Bank - The IFR Bank of the Year.

6. Jefferies & Co - for so long Wall Street's best kept secret, the firm at last got the recognition it deserved.

7. Standard Chartered Bank - still a relatively unfashionable firm, but one which struck to its knitting in 2010 and is heading towards record profits and an increasing headcount.


1. Mary Bale - the Royal Bank of Scotland customer service officer who was caught on CCTV dumping a moggie in a rubbish bin, where it remained for 15 hours until it was retrieved by its owners.

2. Miranda Barker, the BarCap contract PA who is said to have sent out an early hours e-mail to hundreds of colleagues in the firm secretarial pool warning them off an amorous IT professional, who also worked at the firm, and who she claimed had a sexually-transmitted disease. Ms Barker soon left BarCap.

3. Jerome Kerviel - SocGen's rogue trader was given a 3 year prison sentence and fined $7bn, after being found guilty of forgery, unauthorised computer use and breach of trust.

4. Fabrice Tourre - the Goldman Sachs CDO salesperson whose boastful e-mails to his girlfriend became an internet sensation, as his firm became the whipping boys for the ills of the financial markets.

5. The two unnamed KPMG Financial Services Audit practice professionals whose e-mail discussion about 'the ladies' hit the internet in 2010.

6. The unnamed SEC staffer who was revealed to have attempted to access adult content on his work PC some 1,880 times during 17 working days. 

7. The unnamed UBS salesperson who inadvertently sent out an e-mail to clients which included details on the General Motors (GM) IPO. The e-mail breached SEC disclosure guidelines, and the bank had to be kicked off the IPO - losing around $10m in fees.

8. Morgan Stanley - for firing long-term software development contractor Solomon Lederer when the firm found out that he had started a harmless social networking group on the New York Subway.

9. Standard Bank - the firm's 3-year quest to carve out a niche for itself in investment banking ended in wholesale lay-offs and glorious failure.

10. UBS for the 44-page trial dress code the firm implemented in five retail branches in Zurich. A little OTT, we thinks.

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