On holiday, you get a massage by the sea. Admittedly it’s a bit colder in London – but that doesn’t mean a (very good and reasonable) waterside massage can’t be yours.

Not far from the City – over Tower Bridge and down from Town Hall – an amazing collection of boats are moored. Some have full gardens with clipped box hedges, others have fruit trees, little terraces and vegetable gardens. The house boats are of all sizes and styles, and in one of the biggest ones (touchingly called Dora) lives a charming and efficient masseur.

Sujith Dissanayake has lived and worked here for many years. He works in the first section of the boat, and his residence is in the second section. From his treatment room, he practises Ayurveda massage, which uses massage and oils to achieve deep relaxation and relief of common disorders – from stress or pain relief to improved sleep, circulation and flexibility. His treatments remind us that if you take care of your body, it will take care of your mind.

Sujith trained in Sri Lanka, and also makes house calls, but really, who wouldn’t want to meander over the bridge and down the river to a part of London you’ve only admired from afar?

His rates are surprisingly reasonable – especially considering a visit to a real-life houseboat is included!


Click here to visit Sujith’s site and learn more about his practise.