Slim Women Earn More

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to a new study led by Timothy Judge of the University of Florida, men earn more as they pile on the pounds, while the reverse is true of women.

The study found that thin men got paid less than males of average weight, and male earnings-power continued to rise with weight levels until you got to the obese stage, when it tapered off.

Thin women on the hand consistently got more in pay than women of average weight, and really fat women often got no pay at all (OK, we made that last bit up).

In the meantime, French bank SocGen has said that it is a 'responsible bank' and confirmed that it won't be trying to recover the $6.8bn in damages it has been awarded from 'rogue trader' Jerome Kerviel. The bank has said that it is 'out of the question' to expect the former trader to repay, as it will take around 177,000 years to settle his debts. Jolly decent of them.

And Bloomberg reports that Larry Hagman, the actor who played JR Ewing in Dallas, has been awarded $11.6m in an arbitration claim against Citi in respect to various trust and IRA investments. $10m will eventually end up with a charity of Hagman's choosing.

Finally, The Denver Post reports that a Bank of America staffer donned a white Halloween mask over his head last month at a 'Wacky Hats' party in his local mortgage office. Trouble was, at least one African-American person present took offence, perceiving it as Ku Klux Klan attire.

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