10 things men do to ruin their careers



1. Assuming that they still 'rule' the work world.

Women haven't achieved equal footing in the boardroom yet, but as the balance in power shifts further, men need to stop viewing 'work' as their domain and adapt behaviours accordingly

2. Wearing ill-fitting suits.

Men may think that grooming in public de-emphasises ability, but wearing a suit that is too tight on the behind - and exposing a large muffin top - merely emphasises their inability to dress properly. And if you can't manage to dress yourself, your ability to do most anything else comes into question

3. Acting like they have big 'balls'.

Men who sit in an aggressive stance merely look like schoolboys trying to claim the school yard. 'Power positions' and similar 'rules' of the old boys network just make you look insecure

4. Speaking up for the sake of it in meetings.

Speaking up first just to ensure you're 'heard' is shallow. Unless you have something worthwhile to say, keep your mouth shut guys. You'll just look like you're trying too hard and merely reveal your ignorance

5. Not learning when (and how) to ask.

Initiative is rewarded, but so is checking in with your boss to make sure you are doing what is expected. Your balls won't shrink if you attempt to clarify a task in hand

6. Forgetting to apologise when they screw up.

Going into 'fix it' mode is great, but remember to apologise for any mistake first. It's not going to damage your manly image if you apologise from time to time, and your boss will see that you're human after all

7. Going around with a miserable look on your face.

Men need to smile more. After all, we are all still people when we walk into the office. If your work is so bad you can't smile, get another job!

8. Thinking that it's only men who work the system.

We all work the system - and you're one naive man (and are going to get caught out) if you think that women don't!

9. Having too high a profile.

Be invisible sometimes - it's OK. You're there to make your boss look good too, regardless of gender. Get over it

10. Thinking that a firm handshake still makes for a good first impression.

This is a typical example of '90s machismo. This kind of mindset just makes you look like you're stuck in the past. Having something useful to say will win over a firm handshake any day

10 Things Women Do To Ruin Their Careers

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