A Most Extraordinary Job

The banking industry is undoubtedly full of professionals with many talents, but just how many of them would make it, or want to make it, as a top film producer ?

The answer, of course, is not many - the risks are probably higher, and less quantifiable, than the most exposed portfolio, and, anyway, just where is the film industry, particularly in Britain, going right now ? But perhaps one or two potential would-be Masters of the Silver Screen are waiting to be coaxed into film production.

And that's what two up-and-coming film-making brothers are banking on. Writing-directing team Matt and Guy Pitt, who have already had some success with their short films A Postcard from Brighton and Back to Nature, are looking to the City for that crucial component in their bid to make a mark on the British movie scene - a producer. Specifically, they want someone to help them get their first feature film off the ground.

It remains to be seen how realistic they are being in their search, but their thinking does seem to have merit, even if a little off-beat. While they can provide the script and direction, their talents don't stretch to fund-raising, so they are turning to the very people - the private bankers, the equity investment specialists - who are in touch with potential investors all the time. 

Sources close to the brothers suggest there's one major thing in their favour - their first feature is actually a micro-budget drama set in London, which needs just £50,000 to get it made - a piece of cake for any aspiring Harvey Weinstein out there.

Please contact Guy Pitt on 07884 186222 or e-mail on guypitt@hotmail.com for further details.

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