Outrage As Banker Victimized By Cat People

There's outrage in the banking community Friday as 45-year-old banker Mary Bale continues to be victimized by animal lovers simply for dumping a cat in a rubbish bin last weekend, where it remained for just 15 hours until it was retrieved by its owners (see video to the right).

A Facebook group, entitled Death to Mary Bale had to be taken down by the social networking website earlier this week, and Ms Bale, a Royal Bank of Scotland customer services assistant, has even received death threats for innocently being cruel to the moggy.

A spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bankers told Here Is The City: 'This is just typical. Any little thing involving a banker is immediately picked on and used to beat the industry around the head. This woman was minding her own business when this mangy cat started to bother her. Trying to comfort it, it slipped from her hand and fell into the bin. I can't see what all the fuss is about. What value do cats bring to our society anyway - all they do is fight, pee and kamikaze jump in front of incoming traffic!'.

Another banker told us: 'It's quiet clear that the cat opened the bin lid and jumped in itself. It was probably trying to get in from the rain. This is just par for the course - let's blame the innocent banker. And the media coverage has been nothing short of irresponsible'.

Finally, it has now emerged that Ms Bale may have been set-up. A neighbour of the banker told the local press in Coventry: 'These cats are at it all the time. There's a group of them that hang around Royal Bank of Scotland branches in the area, follow home harmless customer service assistants, and then jump into wheelie bins and quickly close the lids, pretending that they have been locked in. They are just after a cuddle and some sympathy. It's disgraceful. They should all be put down'.

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