Job Security League Table - How Safe Is Your Role ?


With a number of firms currently reviewing headcount, the fear factor is back and financial markets professionals are wondering just how safe they are in the event of downsizing at their firms.

Now, although anyone who has worked in the markets for a few years will tell you that no-one is 'unlayoffable', some jobs are more secure than others.

Here's our view of how jobs stack up on the security front in the current climate.

Highly secure (subject to adequate performance)



FX / Money Markets front office

Prime brokerage professionals

Private bankers

Risk Management

Relatively secure

Commodities front office

Derivatives front office

Financial advisors

Fund managers

Global custody professionals

Hedge fund managers

Private equity / venture capital front office staff

Could go either way

Equities front office

Human Resources

Investor relations / marketing / PR


M&A professionals



Vulnerable to cuts

Corporate bankers


Fixed income front office

Information Technology


Secretarial / PA / support

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