Top Boss Told: 'Never Have 'S.x' With An Idiot'

I'm With Stupid

Here's a few cracking quotes we came across this week.

'It seems like yesterday that my father called me aside at the train station and said: 'I'll give you three pieces of advice - never make fun of a millionaire, never hit a cripple, and never have sex with an idiot'. To the best of my knowledge, I've remembered all three'.

82-year-old Alan ('Ace') Greenberg, former Chairman & CEO, Bear Stearns from his new book: The Rise And Fall Of Bear Stearns

'I got 150 years, and I'm 71. I'm not worried about getting out of shape'.

'Queer this, queer that'. Don't you have anything better to talk about ?'.

The alleged words of prison inmate Bernie Madoff, as told to New York magazine

'As long as I am alive, this firm will never be sold. If it is sold after I die, I will reach back from the grave and prevent it'.

Dick Fuld, former CEO, Lehman Brothers

And how's this for a sign of the times ? Lunch with Warren Buffett is up for grabs on eBay this week. Proceeds to charity, of course. Last year's winner paid $1.68m (although well below 2008's record $2.11m). The bidding finishes Friday, but as at early Tuesday morning, just 22 bidders had entered the fray. The top bid so far ? $52,100.

Finally, BP is probably the most vilified company in the world right now because of that oil disaster. The firm is in such disarray that, in fact, it's thought to be vulnerable to a takeover. So it's investment bank is working on a takeover defense. And the investment bank ? Yes, Goldman Sachs - the second most vilified company in the world! You couldn't make it up!!

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