'The Two Most Evil Banks In The World Today Are...'

Evil Banker

Here's a few more sound bites about the Goldman fraud charge saga.

'Goldman is being portrayed as Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life, exploiting the good people of Bedford Falls. But a more appropriate movie analogy is Alien vs. Predator, with Goldman serving as the referee. Mr. Paulson bet against German bank IKB and America's ACA, neither of which fell off a turnip truck at the corner of Wall and Broad Streets'.

The Wall Street Journal

'Not sure about Alien v Predator. This lot of nonsense seems a bit Brokeback Mountainish to me'.

Unnamed banker (Here Is The City)

'By not enacting our legislation, by filibustering it, stopping it, we leave the American people vulnerable once again to the kind of shenanigans that have occurred in our large financial institutions across the country'.

Senator Chris Dodd (Bloomberg)

'If it was in any way possible for UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to blame Goldman Sachs for the ash clouds that are threatening our economic recovery, he would do so'.

Vic Daniels, Publisher, Here Is The City

'The firm has been taken over by traders whose attitude is that we have counterparties, not clients'.

Unnamed former Goldman partner (The New York Times)

'Possibly the biggest case of sour grapes the world has ever seen'.

Highly Placed Professional (Here Is The City)

'This case will be a big blow to Goldman's reputation, and clients will flee the firm'.

US attorney Jacob Zamansky (London Evening Standard)

'There is a lot of waffling about reputation and corporate social responsibility, (but) all that matters is the ability to get the job done. The firm of Nero, Khan (as in Genghis) & Capone would probably win a fair bit of business as long as it got that Greek bond issue sold, or found someone to unwind a position in Florida mortgage derivatives'.

Matthew Lynn (Bloomberg)

'I find it somewhat ironic that the two most evil banks in the world today are Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland - one because it makes too much money, and the other because it doesn't make enough'.

Here Is The City reader

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