Bosses Bonuses - Who Got The Most

Here's a league table of the bonuses top financial executives bagged in 2009. Most of the payouts were made in restricted stock.

We will update this league table as more details become known.

1. John Stumpf, Chairman & CEO, Wells Fargo - $17.3m

2. Brady Dougan, CEO, Credit Suisse - $16.7m

3. Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase - $16m

4. Joseph Saunders, CEO, Visa - $14.5m

5. Stuart Gulliver, head of HSBC's investment bank - $13.4m

=6. Doug McGregor, Chairman & Co-CEO, RBC Capital Markets - $12.1m

=6. Mark Standish, President & Co-CEO, RBC Capital Markets - $12.1m

=8. Ajay Banga, CEO, Mastercard - $12m

=8. Ina Drew, Chief Investment Officer, JPMorgan Chase - $12m

=8. Larry Fink, CEO, BlackRock - $12m

=8. Richard Handler, CEO, Jefferies - $12m

12. Carsten Kengeter, co-CEO, UBS Investment Bank - $11.77m

13. Steve Black, former co-CEO, JPMorgan - $11.1m

14. John Havens, CEO, Citi Coroprate & Investment Banking - $11m

15. Ed Clark, CEO, Toronto Dominion - $10.4m

16. Manuel Medina-Mora, Head of Consumer Banking and Chairman of Citi's Global Consumer Council - $10.2m

17. Edward 'Ned' Kelly, Vice Chairman, Citi - $9.7m

18. Greg Curl, former Chief Risk Officer, Bank of America - $9.2m

=19. Lloyd Blankfein - CEO, Goldman Sachs - $9m

=19. Gary Cohn - President & COO, Goldman Sachs - $9m

=19. Thomas Montag, Head of Global Banking & Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch - $9m

=19. David Viniar, CFO, Goldman Sachs - $9m

=23. Gregory Palm, General Counsel, Goldman Sachs - $8.8m

=23. Esta Stecher, General Counsel, Goldman Sachs - $8.8m

25. James Gorman, CEO, Morgan Stanley - $8.6m

26. Gordon Nixon, CEO, Royal Bank of Canada - $8.43m

27. Rick Waugh, CEO, Bank of Nova Scotia - $8.4m

28. Bob Dorrance, CEO, TD Securities - $8.1m

29. Alan Cohen, Head of Compliance, Goldman Sachs - $8m

30. Michael Durland, CEO, Scotia Capital - $7.5m

=31. Jes Staley, CEO, JPMorgan - $7.58m

=31. Bill Winters, former co-CEO, JPMorgan - $7.58m

33. Charles Scharf, Head of Retail Banking, JPMorgan Chase - $7.1m

34. Walid Chammah, Chairman of Morgan Stanley International - $6.6m

35. Michael Geoghegan, CEO, HSBC - $6m (all donated to charity)

36. 25. Sarah Smith, Principal Accounting Officer, Goldman Sachs - $5.8m

37. Gerry McCaughey, CEO, CIBC - $5.5m

38. Ruth Porat, CFO, Morgan Stanley - $5.5m

39. Colm Kelleher, co-President, Institutional Securities, Morgan Stanley - $5.4m

40. Michael Cavanagh, CFO, JPMorgan Chase - $5.33m

41. Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America - $5.1m

42. Joe Price, Head of Consumer Banking, Bank of America - $5m

43. John Gerspach, CFO, Citi - $4.9m

44. David Darnell, President of Commercial Banking, Bank of America - $4.15m

45. Barbara Desoer, Head of Mortgages, Bank of America - $3.75m

46. Peter Sands - CEO, Standard Chartered Bank - $3.2m (all donated to charity)

Zero Bonuses

Eric Daniels, CEO, Lloyds Banking Group

Bob Diamond, President, Barclays Capital

Oswald Gruebel, CEO, UBS

Stephen Hester, CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland

Ken Lewis, former CEO, Bank of America

John Mack, Chairman, Morgan Stanley

Vikram Pandit, CEO, Citi

Steve Schwartzman, CEO, Blackstone

John Varley, CEO, Barclays

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