2009 - Firm By Firm Analysis Of Executive Pay

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We kept a running total of how much top banking industry executives got for their troubles in 2009.

Here's the final list:

Bank of America

CEO Brian Moynihan - base salary $950,000 (up from $800,000 in 2009), $5.1m in restricted stock, $6.5m in total comp.

Former CEO Ken Lewis - $32,171 in compensation, but walked off with around $83m in pension and insurance benefits when he retired.

Former Chief Risk Officer Greg Curl - $9.2m in restricted stock, $10.6m in total comp

Head of Global Banking & Markets Thomas Montag - $29.9m in total comp

Consumer Banking President Joe Price - base salary, $500,000, $5m in restricted stock

President of Commercial Banking David Darnell - $4.15m in restricted stock

Head of Mortgages Barbara Desoer - base salary $500,000, $3.75m in restricted stock

Bank of Nova Scotia

CEO Rick Waugh - $960,000 in salary, and $8.4m in restricted stock and options.

Scotia's global markets unit head Michael Durland received $8.1m in total comp.


President Bob Diamond - waived his 2009 bonus

CEO John Varley - waived his 2009 bonus


CEO Larry Fink - total comp $13m


CEO Steve Swartzman - base salary $350,000, no bonus

BNP Paribas

CEO Baudouin Prot - $1.43m total comp.


CEO Gerry McCaughey received $6.02m in total comp.


CEO Vikram Pandit - base salary $1, no bonus, total comp valued at $128,751

Head of Citi's investment banking unit John Havens - $11.3m in total comp

Head of Consumer Banking Manuel Medina-Mora - $10.4m

Vice Chairman Eward 'Ned' Kelly - $9.9m total comp

CFO John Gerspach - $5.1m

Credit Suisse

CEO Brady Dougan - $17.9m total comp

Deutsche Bank

CEO Josef Ackerman - $13m total comp

Global Markets chief Anshu Jain - $10.7m

Head of Global bBanking Michael Cohrs - $4.41m.

Goldman Sachs

CEO Lloyd Blankfein - base salary $600,000, $9m stock bonus

CFO David Viniar - $9m in stock

President & COO Gary Cohn - $9m in stock

General Counsels Gregory Palm and Esta Stecher - $8.8m stock

Compliance Head Alan Cohen - $8m stock

Principal Accounting Officer Sarah Smith - $5.8m stock


CEO Michael Geoghegan - $6m bonus (all donated to charity)

Head of HSBC's investment banking unit Stuart Gulliver, received $14.7m in his work in 2009, including a $13.4m bonus.

Jefferies & Co

CEO Richard Handler - total comp $13m

JPMorgan Chase

CEO Jamie Dimon - base salary $1m, $16m in restricted stock and options.

Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew - total comp $13m

Former investment banking co-CEO Steve Black - $11.1m in restricted stock

Current investment bank CEO Jes Staley - $7.58m in stock and options

Former investment bank co-CEO - Bill Winters - $7.58m in restricted stock and options 

Head of Retail Banking Charles Scharf - $7.1m in restricted stock and options

CFO Michael Cavanagh - $5.33m in restricted stock and options 

Lloyds Banking Group

CEO Eric Daniels - No bonus


CEO Ajay Banga - total comp $13m

Morgan Stanley

CEO James Gorman - base salary $800,000, deferred stock grants valued at $8.6m

Chairman John Mack - base salary $800,000, no bonus

Chairman of Morgan Stanley International Walid Chammah - base salary $800,000, deferred stock grants $6.6m

CFO Ruth Porat - base salary $750,000, deferred stock grants $5.5m

Co-President of Institutional Securities Colm Kelleher - base salary $750,000, deferred stock grants $5.4m

Royal Bank of Canada

CEO Gordon Nixon - base salary $1.31m, restricted stock $8.43m

Chairman & Co-CEO RBC Capital Markets Doug McGregor - $12.1m mostly in restricted stock

President & Co-CEO RBC Capital Markets Mark Standish - $12.1m mostly in restricted stock

Royal Bank of Scotland

CEO Stephen Hester - no bonus

Societe Generale

CEO & Chairman Frederic Oudea - $1.51m total comp.

State Street

Former CEO Ronald Logue - $8m in total comp.

Current CEO -  Joseph Hooley (President and COO in 2009) - $13.9m total comp.

Toronto Dominion

CEO Ed Clark - $10.4m total comp

TD Securities CEO Bob Dorrance - $8.3m total comp


The bank's 13-man board received $64.7m in compensation for their work in 2009, up from the $8.5m the board the year before.

Co-head of UBS Investment Bank - Carsten Kengeter - $12.4m in total comp ($630,000 base salary).

Group CEO Oswald Gruebel - no bonus, salary $2.8m.

Chairman Kaspar Villiger - salary $638.000.


CEO Joseph Saunders - total comp $15.5m

Wells Fargo

CEO and Chairman John Stumpf - base salary $900,000, $17.3m in cash and stock. His total comp for 2009 was $21.3m.

Head of the firm's brokerage unit, David Carroll, bagged $14.3m.

Wholesale banking operation head David Hoyt got $10.9m.

CFO Howard Atkins received $11.6m.

Sources - Bloomberg, Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal

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