2009 Winners & Losers

Here's a quick look at some of 2009's biggest winners and losers.


1. JPMorgan Chase / Jamie Dimon

2. Goldman Sachs / Lloyd Blankfein

3. David Tepper, the founder of hedge fund Appaloosa Management, who bet on a recovery in the US stock market, and will get a $2.5bn payday this year.

4. The US Taxpayer in respect of the TARP program as it relates to banks.

5. Andrew Ross Sorkin for his brilliant book about the financial crisis, Too Big To Fail


1. Bernie Madoff / Bernie's investors

2. Gordon Brown

3. Barack Obama

4. Merrill Lynch

5. Dresdner Bank / Dresdner Kleinwort

6. Investment bankers

7. The City of London

8. Tiger Woods

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